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Bionic Spotlight Duo Solar Powered Spotlight

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  • MOTION SENSING : Comes with built in motion sensor – This outdoor light from Bell+Howell detects movement from up to 25 feet away. Motion sensor is automatic and shuts off 30 seconds after movement ceases. Manual On/Off button overrides automatic function.
  • SOLAR OUTDOOR LIGHTS AND ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable bulb heads to orient light any angle. Independently adjustable solar panels allows you to maximize energy absorption by directing panel towards the sun during the day
  • SUPER BRIGHT: Two 500-lumen LED lights solar landscape lights on 1 stake for maximum brightness with 600 square feet coverage while also achieving a cleaner, minimalistic look. Most products come with 1 light bulb per stake, which means you’ll end up with a clutter of stakes on your lawn just to get the same level of coverage you get with Bionic Duo
  • WEATHER RESISTANT and YEAR ROUND USAGE: Bionic Duo Outdoor Lighting is water and frost resistant and can be used all year round making it the ideal yard lights to brighten up your lawn, patio or backyard
  • VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS, WIRELESS, HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: Stake as pathway lights or mount as your would any solar spotlight (installation hardware included). And the Bionic Duo Solar Garden Lights is wireless and does not require batteries
  • OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: Spot lights color temperature – 6500 K; On/Off Switch to manually override default Automatic function, Size: 12” wide with light bulbs fully extended sideways