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Bell+Howell Triburst Motion Activated LED Garage Light 4000 Lumen High Intensity Lighting with 144 LED Bulbs, Multi-Directional Triple Panel LED Shop Light, Ceiling Light, and Garage Lighting

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  • ULTRA BRIGHT LIGHT - Triburst with Motion Sensor comes with three LED panels with 144 high intensity LED bulbs that can transform any area from dim to ultra-bright. It has over 4000 lumens –4x brighter than a standard light bulb. Perfect for patio lighting, attic lighting, garage lighting, basement lighting, workshop lighting, warehouse lighting, office lighting, etc.
  • MOTION-ACTIVATED– Triburst by Bell and Howell is designed with motion sensing technology that can detect movement. It turns on automatically and shuts off 30 seconds after movement is outside sensor range.
  • ANGLE LIGHT ANY DIRECTION AND EASY TO INSTALL – Triburst by BellHowell is constructed with high quality sturdy 90° adjustable hinge panels that can be angled in any direction, so you can position the light anywhere you need. These outdoor lights are LED Triple Panel socket lights that can quickly and easily screw on to any standard light socket of your ceiling, closet, rooms, hallways, front door, and back yard. No special tools needed!
  • SAFE & ENERGY SAVER – This shop light is designed with energy efficient LED Bulbs that generate less heat compared to traditional bulb, making it safe for heat sensitive object such as food or artwork, and has a 6.02 USD estimated energy cost per year.
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING - The panels are made of high-quality steel materials with rust-proof hinges screw that will last for a longer period of time and each of the 144 LED bulbs within one of these lights can be expected to burn for around 80, 000 hours before burning out.