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Bell + Howell RGB LED Tape Light

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  • Ingenious light and kids love it: This Smart LED light can be widely use to line furniture, or as gap spacers under the bed to add stylish glow. Use it in your kitchen, cabinet, and stairway, or as dream light in your bedroom, or as party light for holidays.
  • No installation frustration: Simply unroll the LED light, peel off protective film, stick over dry and clean surfaces and trim to desired length. Ensure trimming is done along marked lines as indicated along the length of the product. It is USB powered so you can easily plug it in into any wall or portable charger.
  • Multicolored LED Strip: Liven up your home with 16 different color options to choose from to change the mood of your living room, dining area, or decorate outlines of ceilings, desks etc. Using the remote control, you can easily change the light’s color or to dim or increase brightness. To pick a color, simply press any of the color-indicated button on the remote.
  • Music Mode: When music is played, lights will display all colors to the beat of the music. You can pre-select whether the lights fade from one color to the next, or turn off after the music stops.
  • Size: LED Strip Light is 12 ft. in length and can be cut just like tape. Ensure trimming is done along marked points on product.