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Bionic Grow - Flexible LED Indoor Grow Light (3 Heads)

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  • Three light modes: Blue light, Red light, and Full Spectrum UV Light. Blue light helps promote dense foliage growth, while red light encourages flowering. Maintain a self-sustaining little garden inside your home and see your plants grow from sprout to bloom.
  • Since lighting needs vary by plant species or cultivars, we designed the Growburst to have an adjustable, automatic timer (3, 6 or 9 hours) as well as 8 brightness settings, to cover most of your indoor plants lighting requirements.
  • Three ways to mount the Growburst. Comes with Table-top stand for portability; clip-on product on edges if you’re out of space; or mount item directly on preferred location using screws (hardware included in every Growburst purchase).
  • Bring the best of natural light indoors. Grow organic, pesticide-free herbs like basil, or sage for your culinary needs, or if you just want your smaller ornamental plants maintain their lush foliage without having to take them out time and time again.
  • Specifications: Comes with 3 light panels. Each panel with 15” flexible gooseneck. Built-in automatic shut off timer (3, 6 or 9 hours), On/Off button. Plug in item using USB cord (included). No batteries needed.