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Bell+Howell Triburst Color Select LED Garage Light, 5500 Lumen 3000k/4500k/5500k LED Garage Ceiling Lights, Screw in LED Garage Lights, Bright LED Lights for Garage with 3 Mobile Panels

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  • Triburst Color Select: Light up your homes and garages with the Triburst LED light by Bell and Howell – This super bright, 5500 Lumen, energy efficient, color changing, 3 panel light Is screwable into any light bulb socket, making installation effortless while saving tons of money on contractors and electricity bills. Simply take the Triburst out of the box, cut the electricity, and screw it in.
  • Adjustable Light Tones: The Triburst Color Select has 3 interchangeable light tones- Warm 3000k light, white 4500k light, and 5500k day light- allowing you to personalize your home and garage however you’d like.
  • Super Bright: The Triburst color select is extremely bright and features 144 LED bulbs producing 5500 Lumens of light, equivalent to 20 standard light bulbs and enough to light up entire garages, basements, workshops, boiler rooms, attics and more.
  • Money Saving: The Triburst color select is super energy efficient emitting light equivalent to 20 light bulbs, costing a total $9.64 a year compared to $124.4 a year, saving you tons of money on energy costs annually.
  • Tri-Panel Design: The Triburst Color Select features 3 adjustable metal light panels, allowing you to direct the light a full 360°, lighting up every corner and crack of your home or garage.
  • Ultra-Durable: Constructed from steel, the Triburst is designed for maximum durability and is completely rust proof, ensuring each Triburst will last for years on end.
  • Eco-Friendly: The energy efficient Triburst emits more light while reducing the release of carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals into our planet, helping create an eco-friendly and safe environment for everyone.