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Bell + Howell 4 Pack Taclight Lanterns Portable LED Collapsible Camping and Outdoor Lanterns

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  • SUPER BRIGHT LANTERN LIGHT: This Lantern Flashlight using the newest energy efficient COB LED technology it causes our lights to be twice as bright as any ordinary camping lantern! And can be seen from 2 nautical miles away
  • SMALL and COMPACT: Portable lantern collapses into smaller than the size of a cell phone and weighs less than a pound and measures 8 inches in height when fully expanded making it one of the smallest small lantern out there. Weighs 0.75 LBS
  • DURABLE: Tac Light isn't complacent about its size with durability. Tac Light can withstand any conditions it is thrown its way!
  • DURABLE: This LED camping lights isn't complacent about its size with durability. This battery powered lantern can withstand any conditions it is thrown its way!
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS COLLAPSIBLE LANTERN: Slide the led camping lanterns into its housing to adjust brightness
  • MAGNETIC BASE: Taclantern comes installed with a magnetic base in order to stick onto metal surfaces. Tac Lights magnetic base makes thing like working on a car, or keeping the camping lights in place super easy
  • HANGING HANDLES: This flashlight lantern comes equipped with two hanging handles so you lights hang it around in different places stress free from it falling
  • BATTERY POWERED: This LED camping lantern uses 3x AA batteries (not included). Energy efficient technology consumes less energy than other led lanterns or camping lanterns

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