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Bell + Howell Clever Grip Car Vent Phone Holder

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The Clever Grip Car Vent Phone Holder is a convenient and easy-to-use product that securely holds your phone while you drive. This product features a simple, yet innovative design that allows you to attach it to any car vent with ease. The holder is made from durable materials that can hold any phone securely, even when driving over bumpy roads or making sharp turns. The Clever Grip Car Vent Phone Holder keeps your phone within reach and view, allowing you to easily navigate, answer calls, or change music without taking your eyes off the road. This product is perfect for anyone who needs to use their phone while driving and wants to keep their hands free and their eyes focused on the road ahead.

The pro version allows for more air flow thanks to its super strong magnet which holds your phone in place while taking up minimal space on your car vent