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Weatherforce 360 All-Weather Sunshade Ice Cover Heavy Duty Reversible Windshield Protector 6 by 10 feet Fabric For Any Car Protects from Heat & Snow with Anti-Theft Panels As Seen On TV

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  • ALL SEASON and REVERSIBLE: Our windshield protector is reversible to maximize protection against the 4 North American seasons. Flip on one side to prevent your cars interior from overheating under the blistering summer heat and on the other side to protect against sleet or ice during the cold, winter months!
  • THEFT and GUST-PROOF: Security Panels flap inside your car locks the Weatherforce 360 in place, foiling any attempts at theft, and super strong magnets ensures it stays flat and secure against the strongest of gusts and wind.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY CAR: The Weatherforce 360 measures 6 feet by 10 feet so it can cover the windshield of just about any sized car, from smaller sized subcompacts to bigger, wider full-sized sedans.
  • TEAR-PROOF and MACHINE WASHABLE: Lightweight but tear proof, the Weatherforce 360 resists pulling thanks to its double-stitch panels. Super strong fabric is machine washable so cleaning will never be an issue.
  • USEFUL and FOLDS EASY: And while the Weatherforce 360 is all-year round useful so you might not want to stash it away, storage is nonetheless never a an issue thanks to the easy-fold fabric.